About Us


When ourjourney began in 1983, we looked ahead and saw a path brimming with challenge and ripe with the promise of opportunity. As we progressed along the path of economic empowerment, some times altering direction to explore new territory, at times shedding some of the burden weighing us down, and on occasion finding ourselves at a crossroads, our eyes remained focused on the course we had set – to find fertile ground in which to grow Africa’s prosperity.

Our vision at DITSIBI LEATHERWORKS is to achieve sustained commercial progress that is truly empowering. With a directive:

To transform OUR COMPANY, in accordance with the strategy we adopted, into operating entities focused on economic development, while staying alert to other strategic opportunities in order to assume a leading position in those industries.

To meet the demands of OUR CLIENTS by providing diverse value services, which enhance their quality of products and address their aspirations in a pervasive manner.

To create prosperity for OUR SHAREHOLDERS by generating returns which are consistent with expectations and by unlocking optional value from our assets

In this, we are committed to meticulous standards of corporate governance, transparent reporting and disclosure, accountability and to observe the stipulations of our code of corporate governance. In all our actions, we are especially mindful of our duty to empower shareholders. We seek to extend participation in DITSIBI LEATHERWORKS by such groups or individuals and to ensure that they derive increasingly greater economic benefit as investors in DITSIBI LEATHERWORKS.

To provide OUR EMPLOYEES with meaningful opportunities to contribute to our company within an environment that promotes empowerment, encourages entrepreneurship, fosters personal growth and the realization of each employee’s potential, within an atmosphere of respect, tolerance and open communication.

To serve and empower OUR COMMUNITY through economic activity that generates
employment, by acting with social awareness and responsible corporate citizenship, and by promoting the cause of real economic empowerment in all we do.

We believe that concern or the prosperity of those previously excluded from the mainstream economy should pervade all our actions and that our commitment to empowerment should extend beyond ownership and control of our company to our relationships with all empowerment entities.

Our corporate practices – comply with the terms of DITSIBI LEATHERWORKS ’s empowerment code, while strategic decisions are consistent with DITSIBI LEATHERWORKS’s definition of real empowerment. The growth of DITSIBI LEATHERWORKS is specifically aimed at broadening and deepening empowerment and at establishing our company as an empowering presence in Africa.

As we climb to glimpse a view of the future, an African landscape opens up revealing a path, steadily advancing towards the horizon, carrying with it limitless possibilities.